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Leeds, Data & our Future

January 28, 2014 by in Events, with no comments

We'll be holding our first event of the year this Thursday at the Cross Keys.

The confirmed speakers are:

Mark Barrett will be lifting the lid on the Leeds Data Mill project and explaining how the open data platform for Leeds will work and what the benefits will be.

Mark Barrett, Paul Connell and Peter Laflin will be talking about how Leeds Data Thing, Leeds Data Mill and the ODI: Leeds will work together to drive data innovation in Leeds.  2013 was a year when foundations were laid which will make Leeds a major focus for investment, innovation and creativity in data.  By working together, Leeds Data Thing, Leeds Data Mill and the ODI: Leeds will help make this happen.

Andy Bolton will be talking about Micro-Publishing on a Shoestring.  Andy says:

Previously I presented maps on child poverty at Leeds Data Thing which were static, saved jpeg images produced from high-end commercial (and costly) software, distributed as attachments via twitter, with the work undertaken as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of a company.

 The intention was always to move this online and make interactive, something that has now been (mostly) achieved.

 A change in circumstances forced an new look at tools, techniques, data sources and suppliers getting the most functionality and reach from as close to zero cost as possible.

The journey so far has been quite interesting; this is an update of the journey to date, the plans for the future and a discussion on ‘publishing’.”

Emma Bearman will be talking about the March of the Robots.  The project will create 10,000 robots in Leeds between now and October.  Emma’s talk will focus on why the project exists and how people can get involved.

As always, there will be plenty of time for discussion and debate.  We’ll also be introducing a few new faces who are helping us to organise Leeds Data Thing.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

ps – we know that tickets sold out really quickly for this event and we’re sorry that more people couldn’t come on Thursday.  Our next event in March will be held in a different venue, which can hold twice as many people, so more of you can join us.  More details will be announced soon.

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